BABY BOOMERS – Unaware of Risks of Intestacy

Startling figures have revealed the attitudes of the over 55 age group towards writing a Will. The figures indicate a widespread ignorance of the importance of writing a Will and the risks of dying intestate.

Out of those who have not written a Will:

• 12% have children in their household
• 16% are separated or divorced
• 48% admit they ‘haven’t got round’ to writing one
• 18% feel that they don’t have anything of value to leave behind
• 34% were unaware that unmarried partners (regardless of length of relationship) are not entitled to anything in the event of a partner’s death
• 21% were unaware that if a person is separated from their spouse, but not divorced, they are still entitled to most (if not all) of the estate
• 60% were unaware that recipients of an intestate estate may have to pay more Inheritance Tax than if a Will was in place
• 88% believe that their assets would not be left to the right person under intestacy rules

These figures reveal that many people are unaware of the consequences of not writing a Will. If someone dies without a valid Will in place, intestacy rules dictate how their money, property or possessions should be distributed.

These legal regulations will divide the estate in a pre-determined way and, even if the person is married, in a civil-partnership or have step-children, assets may not automatically be distributed to the family members that expect to inherit them. If there are no surviving relatives who can inherit under the rules of intestacy, the estate passes to the Crown.