Secure Document Storage

Safe secure storage for life.

It is essential that an original signed copy of your Will is kept safe and secure. Keeping it at home could expose it to being damaged or defaced which would invalidate it. It may be read by someone you wouldn’t wish to see it or get lost or stolen.

We offer professional storage of your Will and other important documents such as Lasting Power of Attorney, Living Wills, Tenancy Severance, Property Deeds and List of Assets in a safe and secure storage facility. Storage lasts for the duration of your natural life for a single one-off fee.

Your Will is insured against loss or damage and is registered with the WillData National Will Database to ensure your Will can be located at the time of need.

You will receive a certificate of custody with WillData registration and four Executor ID Cards. For security reasons the Executors cannot retrieve your Will or other documents unless they apply in writing enclosing a copy of the death certificate.